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Full blood veggie dressed in fur
And your beliefs are in a blur
The benetton colors are so true
Just not on the beach next to you
Maybe its time for some self interrogation
But you already chose your final destination
Saving the whales during the day
But at night your making them pay
This is why
You think you're on track
And never falling back
Tell your little conscience that
You think you're on track
And never falling back
You can't keep on preachin
Like its your sunday meetin
Its to buster keaton
Maybe theres is no eden
Girl, you acting like you still have your corporate
But there is always a cross for you to bear
Politically correct about everything besides yourself
If you could buy a perfume of it you would
You cant keep on preachin...
Check it out
Take it all
Take it all
Take it from your all

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