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Someone Like Me - text

Wagin wars to shake the poet and the beat
I hope its gonna make you notice
I hope its gonna make you notice
Someone like me, ohh ohhh
Someone like me, ohh ohhh
Someone like me
[Verse 1]
Alright, i'm livin my dream so watch as I close my eyes, niggas don't know my life
How the fuck yall think you can walk in my shoes when yall dont even know my size
Never been a gimmick, just a young nigga with lyrics, hopin that the world wanna hear it
Tryna give you classics and not average, but nowadays niggas don't know the difference
See if I talk shit, that raw shit, chance is that my record aint spinnin
And if I drop shit, and I flop shit, I gotta start back at the beginning
Oh cold world, what a crazy dilemma, and I got caught in the middle
Yeah makin a difference or makin a livin but shit I gotta make a decision
I aint never been a quitter, how can I stop, none of the fake shit cuz that i'm not
I'ma give this shit all I got, I been through hell so I know i'm hot
Gotta shut me down before they shut me up, power 100 proof i'm drunk as fuck
Oh I see exactly what the game needs
Someone like me, ohh ohhh
Someone like me, ohh ohhh
Someone like me
[Verse 2]
This some kind of mistake, nah he in line with his fate
Attitude never say die, and that's combined with his faith
My time was comin, I just aint know how much time it would take
They hear my soul in my shit, cuz I aint signed it away
Oh and I never will, fuck em i'm always real
Bein some shit you aint, how the fuck do u niggas live
How the fuck do you niggas feel, landon street in me still
Too much life inside me to ever let another nigga steer
See, I would never lie to you look in my eyes I would die for you
Put one finger in the sky for you
Fuck what another nigga tyna do
Leave my soul on the stage cuz I got down from the high for you
Fuck critics, cuz i'm authentic, my time gon last longer than 15 minutes
Meant it when I said that i'm headin to the top
Don't try n follow me mamma said the sky is the limit
And I believe dat, so i'ma be that
When you put limits on and I exceed that
See you conceive that, cuz you can see that
Rock and a hard place, i'm in between that
Niggas that hate me, I know that you don't mean that
Shit aint scored thats what its gonna be
The blind gon see, its been a long time since the game seen
Someone like me, ohh ohhh
Someone like me, ohh ohhh
Someone like me

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