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Love Will Come - text

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Even this will pass
The ups, the downs and the broken glass
Romance seems a million miles away
It will catch you by surprise someday
Dreaming of you and me
On a windswept beach by an emerald sea
Don't you know that
Love will come, love will come your way someday
And the hard times
Are just the price that we have to pay
For love will come
Don't you know, love will find a way
Yes love will come
Listen to your heart
The pleasure-pain of cupid's dart
Foolish ones who frown on sentiment
Will never find a prize that's heaven sent
Praying for you and me
For a million days filled with ecstasy
We used to hope
Life was just one endless shopping spree
Now we know love is the one thing
That we get for free
Or do we?

Text přidal DevilDan


Holly Johnson texty

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