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Jesy's solos in Salute - text

Ladies all across the world
Listen up we're looking for recruits
If you're with me let me see your hands,
stand up and Salute
Get your killer heels sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute
If you think we're just pretty faces
You couldn't be more wrong
We're standing strong, we carry on, knock us
We keep moving on (we're moving up yeah)
Get your back off the wall
Don't you get comfortable
Looking so hot
I think that I might fall
Feeling like it's my birthday
Like Christmas day came early
Just what I want
So when we move
You move
Little Me:
Little me
Yeah you gotta lot of time to act your age
you cannot write a book from a single page
Hands on the clock only turn one way
Nothing Feels Like You:
I could have all the money
All the fancy treasures in the world
25 Vegas, used to hold my diamonds in my purse
You never brought me flowers
Never held me in my darkest hours
And you left it so late that my heart feels nothing nothing in towers
Once we were made like towers
Everything could’ve been ours
But you left it too late now my heart feels nothing nothing at all
Oh, oh, oh
And you never brought me flowers
Never held me in my darkest hours
And you left it so late that my heart feels nothing nothing at all
Once we were built like towers
Nothing at all
We were built like towers
Yeah, you're such a gentleman (aah)
You always open doors for me (aah)
But you see us kind of different (aah)
It's like you always have to be
The first one to open his mouth (his mouth)
The last one to throw in the towel (the towel)
It's time to chill yourself out (aah)
Boy you're trying
Just a little bit too hard (aah)
I thought I told you when we met (aah)
That I like you for who you are (aah)
But I think you like an argument
I don't need to speak in my mind (my mind)
I'm too grown, I'm taking my time (my time)
I'm sick of hearing you whine (aah)
Listen, baby
These Four Walls:
In this time, I’ve lost all sense of pride
I’ve called a hundred times
If I hear your voice I’ll be fine
These four walls and me
About The Boy:
It’s the verse in my head
The words that make me stutter
The swag in my step
The change from grey to color
I guarantee that
Oh I found my lucky number
And the feeling that you get
Can’t help but make me wonder
Do you remember what he said?
I do, he told you he never ever hurt you
oh, here we go again
Another break up, make up, when you're gonna wake up?
(likes it or not)
Good Enough:
I am the diamond you left in the dust
I am the future you lost in the past
Seems like I never compared
Wouldn't notice if I disappeared
You stole the love that I saved for myself
And I watched you give it to somebody else
But these scars no longer I hide
I found the light you shut inside
Couldn't love me if you tried
Am I still not good enough?
Am I still not worth that much?
I’m sorry for the way my life turned out
Sorry for the smile I’m wearing now
Guess I’m still not good enough
Start on something brand new
Got me second guessing
If it's really true
Touching from cheek to cheeck
And my knees are shaking
Got me feeling weak
A Different Beat:
Say yeah, yeah
(yeah, yeah)
Say ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah
(ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah)
Say yeah, yeah
(yeah, yeah)
Say ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah
(ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah)
Uh-oh, now there you go
Out of your comfort zone
Cause I'm breaking down
I'm breaking down, down, down, down
Ain't got nothing to prove
Walk a mile in my shoes
I know the one thing that counts
I might be young
I know who I am
So I don't follow like a marching band
So give it up
(give it up, give it up)
(give it up, give it up, give it up)
See Me Now:
I feel the rain on my skin
Wash away all the pain I was in
I see the sun in the sky
No longer know how it feels to cry
They Just Don’t Know You:
Talk is cheap and rumors spread but they go with the wind
It's not about she said he's sick 'cause I know where it ends
I know the real truth
And the real truth is you
Li-li-li-like I do
They just don't know you
Stand Down:
Let me start it by telling you something
I think there’s one thing you should know
We ain’t playing no game, this ain’t no playground
It’s time to drop your stick and stones

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Jesy's solos

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