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A Bad Place To Reside - text

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We hold on tight to the life we know
Fend of and shoo let the murder of crows
They black the sky but straight they go
Would you rather go with the wolf you know
So I hold my hat, Im waiting for the (bleeewhat?)
Aint no one cut me a break so far
What reason can you give me but money, yeah
To defend something, I know it aint right
Against something thats yet to be defined
So dont let nobody throw their dirt upon you
Dont let their Lucifer bring you down
Get your hands up
Praise who you wanna praise
Aint nobodys business but your own
Say what you wanna say
Fear for your life no more
It might be better on the other side
Ive been to the crossroads
Ive seen the samples
It aint such a bad place to reside
It aint such a bad place to reside
It aint such a bad place to reside

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