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Pyramids of fractals lay scattered through the lands,
Who will rebuild us when our towers of ivory come crashing down
Emerald eyes gaze into the forest looking for a place of hope and purpose. Watching over you has become my love, peace in my mind blocks out my sight. Assuring you there is a light.
Day dreamer tell me what do you see?
I need something to keep my head clean.
I know you're there I just need a sign.
Press your ear up to the slate,
and know that it is not too late.
I won't let you waste away,
just close your eyes and pray.
I taste the pain as it taints your blood. Oh sweet blood.
your wounds lay spread infectious and grisly with eyes of the dead.
Gaze into the eyes of the dead.
We must be the watchers of our fellow man
This is our home inhabited with journeys from the people of this land.
Islands sink without the help of each individual grain of sand.

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The Light EP

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