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Call me by my first name,
I ain't so old you gotta call me sir.
Oh baby, if you're forcing it,
you got to let me know.
If you can't keep control of it,
you got to let it show.
Love me with open arms,
move me with your charms.
Your song, has got me mesmerized,
dancing like a snake, side to side.
Come lick our silver spoon dry,
couldn't come quicker if we try
Take me somewhere soon,
someplace warm.
The sun upon my thighs,
touch blue skies.
I want to feel it,
give me something real,
you got to let me know
Can't believe it, until I see it,
I want to go.
Laughing as we lick our spoons dry,
couldn't come quick quicker if we try.

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